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"I have valued working with Peter over the last 10 years both on strategic and practical solutions for the businesses I have been with these being Computershare Investment Services, DHL and R & K Wise...
...Peter's innovative problem solving abilities and insight into the ways in which Human Resources professionals can add value to a business has meant that our collaborations have always been beneficial for the organisation and myself personally. As a facilitator and executive and leadership coach I have found him to be excellent and when working with senior managers and their teams he is both supportive and challenging, providing alternative leadership strategies He takes the time and care to construct programmes that exceed the expectations of the organisation."
Jacqueline Keefe,
Assistant HR Director

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Corporate Testimonials
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"Peter is a perceptive leadership coach and colleague who brings a wealth of experience and practical common sense to all that he does...

...It has been a great pleasure to work with him on several initiatives within our local CIPD branch."
Catherine Price,
The Moor House Partnership

"Peter has designed and delivered a range of coaching themed events over a 7 year period from 2002-2009 across the Middle...

...East and Eastern Europe working with highly diverse groups of senior managers. These events have received excellent reviews and helped to establish a greater awareness and practice of performance based coaching approaches. Each programme has been tailored to meet the cultural, country and participant needs with pre-evaluation and post programme review element built in. Peter is widely experienced as a coach/facilitator and brings his personal passion and insight which he shared freely with the participants, making the programmes highly interactive and practical"
Lynda Tyler, Vice President Learning & Development

"Peter is excellent at transferring knowledge in an understandable way using a common sense approach that is accessible to staff...

...managers and HR professionals alike. He specialises in how to get the best out of people to drive businesses forward using highly effective methods of HRD."
Jan Sangster, MCMI Chartered FCIPD

"Peter is very knowledgeable and passionate about leadership development, leadership coaching and coupling this with his generosity to...

...share, discuss and develop conversation means, for me, he walks his talk. I enjoy the time I spend with Peter. We have different disciplines yet never find it hard to come to conclusions on how our disciplines really add to the whole."
Karen Purves, Managing Director, havemoreclients.com

"I worked with Peter at Schneider Electric for 5 years. During this time he added a lot of value to the organisation. He designed...

...and implemented a management / leadership development program.He made sure development was always at the top of the "people" agenda. He acted as a coach to the senior players. He helped facilititate workshops that encouraged teams to become high-performance teams. He introduced new concepts and ideas (assessment centres, psychometric assessments). In doing all of this, Peter was energetic, passionate and evangelical about leadership, development and OD."
Marc Weedon, HR Manager, Schneider Electric

Testimonials from Individuals

"I met Peter Mayes on the Coaching and Mentoring course run by the University of Bath two years ago. As a widely...

...experienced coach, he brought unique experiences to the group, and was able to exchange and share information with us which I found very useful.
When the course ended, Peter suggested that we should continue informally and he introduced the concept of action learning to a group of 8 of us. He facilitated the meetings and brought not only stimulating ideas to the group but also practical techniques and tools, such as DVD's and books. He also brought materials that he had personally developed in his business. In this way, he enabled us to continue with our professional development. We met monthly over the course of six months, and then sub-divided with Peter as a member of the business coaching group. We have continued to meet since then, and I find his willingness to help and support me and the rest of the group invaluable.

Peter is able to draw upon his wide experience in the field of coaching, and his ideas are always useful and well considered. I consider that his real strength is his willingness to learn and to exchange ideas and experiences with others."
Diane Morgan
"Thanks ever so much for all your valuable help, support and advice in helping me find a new job so quickly. Your friendly, insightful...

...and thorough approach helped me question what I wanted to do and think deeply about a change in direction.  You helped give me the confidence to value my abilities and re-frame them so that they became more obviously transferable.  Your advice in changing the style of my CV improved it greatly and made my strengths stand out and be relevant.  The interview techniques you gave me equipped me so well that I got the first job for which I was interviewed.

So, many thanks again - you’re a star!  I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone or any organization that is looking to maximize potential and develop careers."
Lynne Sturgess
"Peter is a warm and welcoming person who exerts an obvious passion and enthusiasm for what he does, because of this...

...I felt instantly at ease and comfortable in his presence. His methods are interesting and affective, I went to him because I wanted help with dealing with pressure and stress in the work place as I tended to get easily stressed and wound up when I found myself in certain situations, with his coaching he showed me how to use exercises that instantly calmed my mood in times when I needed it most. He taught me that you can't change how other people react to things but with practice and a new way of thinking you can change how you react which subsequently has a positive influence on others creating a better sense of well being and calm for all those around you."
Sophie L.M.

Peter is a very experienced coach with a natural communication style.  I have benefited enormously from our sessions...

...together because he brings a wealth of experience of the workplace along with a good sense of humour.  In particular I have learnt the importance of establishing a clear outcome for what I want.  This has helped me to improve my relationships at work and obtain a particular piece of work that is important for my professional development.  I would strongly recommend Peter as a coach.
Tilly C.
Peter helped me to create a clear plan and organize myself more effectively at a time when everything seemed to be...

...running to fast. He helped me to see what the priority was and how to put the steps I needed into place. He worked with me to develop and improve my confidence and how to approach and ask for what I wanted at work. After our meetings I was always motivated and much clearer about what my next steps were. The NLP techniques he used gave me ways of becoming more confident, calm and organized that help me now and in the future.
Laura. Mc.

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