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Organisational Coaching
& Development

As a transitional change coach and consultant with direct experience of developing positive behaviour within organisations, I know that I can make real and positive changes to individuals and teams through a leadership coaching approach.

Areas of Expertise
• Implementing systems and processes to improve performance management across multi-national and multi-site based operations, including talent management,appraisal and performance review techniques

• Facilitating and leadership coaching senior teams to develop vision, values, goals and implementation plans

• Leadership and management training skills development - helping individuals and teams to develop their leadership skills and gain greater self-awareness and self-esteem resulting in increased contribution to business performance

• Team development - running team-working and development programmes that resolve conflict and improve effectiveness as part of leadership and management training

• Coaching/mentoring - working as an ongoing coach/mentor to senior managers and directors by using psychometric tests and counselling methods to assess and review their development and business strategies.

How I Work with You:
• Exploring where you are now (diagnosis)
• Developing where you want to be (Leadership coaching)
• Getting ready to change (leadership and management training)
• Supporting the change activity (performance for performance)
• Challenging what is stopping you
• Understanding your issues and challenges
• Developing effective strategies and behaviours that
achieve success

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colleagues together
Working with organisations
Organisations can become disconnected places where people work in isolation and fear, running ever faster to achieve very little.

What’s missing is trust:
T - turning
R - reality and
U - understanding into
S - survival and
T - transformation

Conducting organisational review
Setting up talent management processes
Reviewing performance management effectiveness
Diagnosing strategies for organizational excellence
Introducing successful change strategies
Organizing and implementing employee survey activities

Finding out what’s really happening?

Working with Teams
Establishing what’s working and what’s not
Creating a common language for communication
Developing a cohesive and productive team
Measuring what the team does well
Using conflict as a positive and creative energy within the team
Facilitating real issues for the team and embedding the learning

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Telephone: 01793 882058
Mobile: 0793 334 4707
Email: peter@petermayes.co.uk

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