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Getting the Best From Your Managers (Schneider Electric)
The problem:
To improve the understanding and application of coaching skills throughout the Middle Eastern and Eastern European Countries at a senior management level.

Key benefits:
Organisational Change, Cultural Exchange, Coaching Capabilities, Leadership Enhancement, Inspiring Others, Cost Effective Value

Who was involved?
The Learning and development specialist, country managers Zone directors, managers and HR directors.

How long did it take?
Initial inception four months with adapted and updated programmes over seven years.

The story
Through initial discussion and establishing the need of the organisation I proposed a bespoke two day event that would introduce managers and senior managers to the practice and theory of effective coaching.

I prepared a full proposal and options with pre-course evaluation and post course follow up. These reflected the global values and leadership development aims. A pilot was conducted with the Greek management team so that they can go onto coach their own direct reports.

The two day workshops were highly practical, getting managers to work mainly in trios to coach, be coached and to observe. The workshops contained elements of the latest thinking and practice when performance coaching, how to coach new and long serving staff, what motivates people and how to create a “gain” culture where mistakes are learned from.

Following very positive feedback the programme was quickly adopted by other countries and spread out across the Middle Eastern zone and Eastern European zone.

I trained Directors and Managers in coaching approaches and techniques and introduced a coaching orientated management implementation process across nine different countries, which took into account cultural differences and ways of working.
This programme was delivered across the Middle Eastern and East European divisions including seven country managing directors and senior managers from Austria, Bulgaria, India, Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Greece, Turkey, Russian and Ukraine (85 managers in total).

This achieved:
A common and shared experience and understanding of how coaching can release the talent within people.
Opportunities to practice and work on real coaching situations in a supportive environment.
Support for the leadership values and goals of the organization through differences and similarities between the manager coaches.
Practical information and skill practice with real live situations, exchange of ideas and approaches.

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