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Bringing Out the Leadership Talent (Polycom)
The problem:
To enable the implementation of the organisational staffing review recommendations to develop high potential employees through effective coaching and mentoring practices.

Key benefits:
Timely, Collaborative, Insightful, Effective Mentoring, Coaching Capabilities, Great Results, Value

Who was involved?
The HR Director, senior management team and high potential employees, 25 in all.

How long did it take?
Six months.

The story
I was initially called to give some advice as to the range and extent of "management develop profiles and questionnaires" available in the market. I asked how this would fit into the overall organizational strategy and talent planning and the Human Resources Director, Polycom (Europe, Middle East and Africa) shared with me his vision and stage of planning for the organizational and staffing process.

Having established how this worked and what the purpose of having organisational mentor/coaches was I recommended a battery of development tests with well proven track records and specific abilities to measure and assess the key requirements for the programme for example, leadership, flexibility, drive, team awareness and learning capabilities.

Once these questionnaires had been approved the overall process was described and outlined. The mentee would be introduced via their manager to the OSR (organizational staffing review) process and those who were identified as high potential employees would be part of a group to have the benefit of an organisational mentor to assist them. They would undertake the questionnaires and receive some feedback and one to one support as an initial start to the programme.

After that each mentee would contact me individually for an initial discussion and access to the online questionnaires. Individual results would be shared with the individual only with the onus on them to take these forward with their mentor for ongoing leadership development discussions. A summary of the group's themes and common development areas was shared with the HR Director to assist with overall planning and group training issues.

The feedback sessions and subsequent mentoring meetings proved to be so successful that the mentors requested that they go through the same process to appreciate fully what the mentee had been through, develop their skills as mentors and gain significant increased self awareness. With some adjustments to further enhance the mentor’s abilities as coaches / mentors the same overall process was implemented engendering excellent feedback.

This achieved:
A common starting point for the senior manager mentors and high potential employees.
A shared experience and understanding that would enable the mentoring to start and continue at a higher and deeper level.
A common language of development showing the differences and similarities between the mentor and high potential employee in the development partnership.

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