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Personal or Life Coaching Services

Looking to get out of a rut, start anew
or find out who you are?
I can help coach you to a better future.

Coaching is a series of meaningful discussions that facilitate the performance, learning and development of another; this can be either at work or with present or emergent personal concerns, questions or values (Peter Mayes 2011).

Professional personal coaching sometimes known as life coaching is an ongoing partnership that helps the client produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Through this collaborative alliance, clients deepen their learning, understand their values, what drives them, and enhance their quality of life

Coaching has been defined in many ways

A collaborative solution-focused, results-orientated and systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, life experience, self-directed learning and personal growth of the individual. "Grant, University of Sydney, 2000"

It often starts with some questions:
• What makes your heart sing?
• What are you passionate about?
• What direction do you wish to go in now?
• What does this mean for me?
• What needs to change here?
• What needs to happen what is the next step?
• What is trying to emerge or unfold?
• What is the bigger picture?
• Where am I going in my career?

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working with individuals
Enabling People to Develop
My passion is to effectively release this and see people and organisations develop. To help individuals and teams move forward, overcoming negative thought processes and attitudes, and to meet strategic objectives, this can often be best achieved through the intervention of someone outside of the organisational culture and structure.

Someone who can take an insightful yet impartial view of individuals' perceptions, assumptions, expectations, beliefs and values and asses how they are affecting the overall behaviour of other individuals, the team and the organisation. 

I find that Coaching is highly effective both at work through Business Coaching/performance coaching and in our personal lives through career review, helping with personal change and reflecting on what works and what doesn’t
So What Happens?

Step 1: Developing a shared vision and contracting to succeed
The initial contract is set up between the individual and the coach. The first step in the process is a contracting meeting which takes place between the coach and the individual.

While the sessions between the individual and their coach remain confidential the individual may choose to share their learning with others. The individual reviews progress against plans and seeks feedback on progress from peers. It is suggested that they keep a logbook/diary of what they are learning.

Step 2: Working together
The coaching contract is then established which clarifies the expectations of the individual, the organization and the coaching, agreeing the timetable and the focus of the first few sessions.

Step 3: Reviewing progress
Throughout the coaching process reference is made to the original goals and key issues to see how these are shaping and what adjustments may be required. I use a wide variety of tools to help the individual further with their self awareness and development e.g. MBTI, Emotional intelligence, Transactional analysis, NLP techniques, personal profiling, psychometric tests and various types of 360 appraisal/feedback resources.

Step 4: Celebrating successes and keeping the learning going
Towards the end of the coaching programme the individual is encouraged to develop strategies that consolidate and embed the learning to fully realise what they have gained, where they are now and what they need to do next.


Coaching enables people to become:
• Fulfilled
• Happy
• Reconciled
• Increasingly self aware
• Clearer in their career direction and options
• Recognising how and what to change
• Reflective and resourceful learner
• Effective at helping themselves and others.
• Increasingly productive and effective individuals, teams and organisations
• Enhanced decision-making and problem solving
• Who they are
• Where they want to go

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Telephone: 01793 882058
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Email: peter@petermayes.co.uk

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