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To meet all of the human challenges in your organisation you need to identify where problems are or are likely to occur and you need to pinpoint the source of these

These free resource files give some insights and examples of how to overcome the challenges that organisations teams and individuals face. If these have raised questions for you or you want to develop your thinking further feel free to give me a call.


Change Newsletter (Download)
Collaborative Behaviour Newsletter (Download)
Collaborative Leadership Newsletter (Download)
Creativity Newsletter (Download)
Resilience Newsletter (Download)

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- Action Learning (Download)
How to use action learning and its benefits to the indivual and the organisatiion?
- Coaching Thoughts (Download)
How I coach and what this means to the client, the organisation and me?
- Customer Service Quiz (Download)
How customer friendly are you?
- Customer Service (Download)
What is excellence in Customer Service
(a workbook extract)
- Development Contract (Download)
Example team leader development programme contract
- Drivers Descriptions (Download)
What drivers how your are at work?
- How to Market the Training Function (Download)
How to market the training function?
- Leadership (Download)
What is leadership? (a workbook extract)
- Learning is it Working (Download)
Do you have a learning workforce?
- Learning Making it Work (Download)
10 steps to maximising learning at work
- Phrases that Motivate (Download)
How to build or destroy peoples motivation?
- Team Leader Project (Download)
Defining an productivity improvement project
- The Case for Coaching (Download)
Why coaching works?
- Why Training Fails (Download)
Why training fails?
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