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Improving Productivity and Supervisory Morale
(Lyons Seafood’s Ltd)
The problem:
To increase the ownership and problem solving abilities of the supervisory management group so that they would implement their own projects and increase productivity.

Key benefits:
Productivity Improvements, Organisational Change Team Morale, Great Results, Personal Development, Action Learning, Projects

Who was involved?
The Operation Manager, mediation consultant, HR Manager, middle managers, team leaders, a director, 40 in all.

How long did it take?
Nine months.

The story
Initially contacted by a specialist mediation organization to help a customer of theirs with a dilemma concerning team leaders.

After an initial briefing as to the organization's current situation and the key objectives I met with the HR manager for policy and future planning, where he outlined in more detail what he saw as the organizations requirements.

To summarize the organization was expanding in its markets and product ranges and needed to build a better skilled and greater number of team leaders who would be more flexible and able to work across product lines. Subsequently a meeting was set up with the head of operations and his team of managers to discuss in detail the requirements for the team leader development programme.

This included how best to provide the training and keep production running, what additional skills were required for the team leaders and the benefits of using an individual project based approach.

Key modules were identified and these included leadership, learning styles, communication, conflict, coaching skills, continuous improvement and project implementation planning.

To help the team leaders to feel comfortable with the style of delivery a mini session was arranged where they, together with their managers, sampled part of the leadership session, this was seen as practical and interesting and the programme was given the seal of approval.

Team leaders attended the training in groups of six to enable maximum participation and support with a maximum duration of three hours to maintain attention. Each model was conducted on the same day and this became known as 'training Thursday'. Once the team leaders had gained confidence and trust in me they then were asked to identify their individual projects and get these agreed with their manager to ensure support and ongoing assistance.

Once identified, the projects were communicated to the operations manager who, seeing the potential for saving and the value the team leaders contribution would make, ensured that the managing director had a presentation of the projects when completed.

To enable team leaders to cost and evaluate their project I obtained financial information from the finance department that gave them the ability to make a real comparison.

Out of the 18 team leaders attending 15 identified and implemented projects which were costed and evaluated and overall the net gain was three times that of the original investment.

The projects were now seen as an important opportunity for each team leader to show their skills. They were encouraged to practice their presentations and feel confident when presenting to their MD, something none of them had done before so they had mixed feelings of excitement and fear.

This achieved:
Project based productivity improvements.
Enhanced team leaders’ credibility and skills.
Improved decision making abilities and planning in production.
Improved and recognized abilities that the UK operation could successfully increase its capability and provide a platform for the building of a purpose built factory.

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