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Turning Vision into Reality
(Computershare Investment Services)
The problem:
To align the Human resources department with the overall organizational objectives and create a more streamlined and integrated way of working.

Key benefits:
Organisational Change, Team Morale, HR Effectiveness, Collaborative Leadership, Strategic Thinking

Who was involved?
The HR Director, all the members of the HR team 23 in all.

How long did it take?
Four months.

The story
After completing a number of successful assignments for the financial and communications functions I was asked by the HR Director to act as a catalyst for the functional review.

The initial blue sky thinking and creativity generation took place though a series of coaching/mentoring sessions with the HR Director which enabled her to crystallize her thoughts and plans and establish a way forward by making use of the talents of her team and the requirements for the organization now and in the future.

To roll out this programme of change I devised a series of parts:
Initial commitment and team building workshop for the senior HR functional heads including the use of strategic thinking questionnaires and MBTI profile to establish the teams style and views.
The use of the MBTI for all the other team members so this could be used as a development tool to establish a common language, identifying their differences and how to work with them.
Strategic communication workshop where the HR director led the process and showed the next stage of the programme.
'Look to the Future' workshop focusing on how to work more effectively and in different ways to achieve results.
HR department heads were involved in the design of the follow up workshop to gain their buy in and ensure that key issues were identified and allocated sufficient time.
Subsequently I facilitated a workshop whose specific objectives were:
To devise and develop the Human Resources Team so they could respond proactively to the challenges and changes facing them over the forthcoming year.
To update and refine the MBTI HR Team map and review the implications of this, given the context of new staff and staff changing their working hours.
To get to know new team members and the whole team.
To re-energise the team and focus on developing its capabilities to achieve results over the next year.
To share key issues and devise action plans for taking the function forward.
To learn and adapt productivity improvement techniques so the team could develop a smart working culture and approach (by working smarter not harder).
To learn and adapt continuous improvement techniques so that productivity could be assessed and improved, creating a smart working culture that puts the onus on the manager to solve problems with HR guidance and support.
Carry out projects and review existing projects in the context of continuously improving and being productive/effective.

The overall Process included what was left over from the first workshop and in between work, re-issuing of the working contract, using the HR "Ulrich" model and fitting it all together.
In order to further ensure that the change programme was successful I worked closely with the HR Director to determine conflict management strategies. I used the MBTI tool and its handling conflict workbook to identify and action plan areas of potential conflict and how to establish a successful outcome.

This achieved:
A defined and practical vision and process for implementation for a revised HR function.
Inclusion and buy in of department heads which created energy and commitment .
A common language of development showing the differences and similarities between the mentor and high potential employee in the development partnership
A set of tools to be used to review effectiveness and productivity within the HR Department.
Increased levels of trust within the function.

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