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Here is a selection of case studies explaining how I have successfully introduced ideas and practices into businesses, through leadership coaching being a change coach and mentor.

Select a case study to find out what was involved, how long it took and what it achieved.

Brief Examples:

Team Leader Development
Designed and delivered a 9 month programme producing measurable process improvements using mini-projects, active learning reviews and group analysis which developed it's supervisor's abilities in team working, handling change and collaborating with other departments.
Customer Service
[Public sector, Multi-agency]
Facilitated a transition from a problem avoidance culture to one in which problems where solved collaboratively, tools used include structured interviews, coaching and follow up workshops that resulted in significant shift in individual and team behaviour.
Working Together
[Manufacturing, Chemicals]
Carried out team development workshops for a newly formed HR team in a multi-national ink manufacturer (receiving exceptional positive feedback from the HR Director) enabling the team to form quickly and focus on key organizational issues.
Management Programmes
Conducted 1 and 2 day management development programmes for public service, telecommunications and distribution organisations covering leadership, coaching, mentoring, change, creativity, innovation, managing performance and problem solving.

Other Assignments Include:
• Introduced and supported the implementation of Investors in People across 10 sites in the UK dealing with 5 different Tecs, including a reassessment, through leadership coaching and business analysis.

• Designed a management development programme for Directors and Senior Management including evaluation processes focusing on change management and matrix management through leadership coaching and business analysis.

• Used experiential learning techniques as part of a programme development which incorporated action learning groups to develop leadership potential and implement change.


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Detailed Examples:

Getting the Best From Your Managers (Schneider Electric)

The problem:
To improve the understanding and application of coaching skills throughout the Middle Eastern and Eastern European Countries at a senior management level.
Read more about the case

Bringing Out the Leadership Talent
The problem:
To enable the implementation of the organisational staffing review recommendations to develop high potential employees through effective coaching and mentoring practices.

Read more about the case

Improving Productivity and Supervisory Morale (Lyons Seafood’s Ltd)
The problem:
To increase the ownership and problem solving abilities of the supervisory management group so that they would implement their own projects and increase productivity.

Read more about the case

Turning Vision into Reality
(Computershare Investment Services)
The problem:
To align the Human resources department with the overall organizational objectives and create a more streamlined and integrated way of working.

Read more about the case

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