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Nothing holds a company back more than internal competition where there should be collaboration. For the past twenty years, I have been helping organisations, teams and individuals recognise when and how to collaborate for success. I do this through

Leadership Coaching

, management development and Performance Coaching for teams and individuals.

With a proven track record of implementing change and achieving results over a wide range of situations, I will help meet all of the human challenges in your organisation. I can identify where problems are or are likely to occur and pinpoint the source of these difficulties, using Leadership Coaching, Performance Coaching and Leadership and Management Training as key enablers for change and creating effective leaders and teams.

Through combining hard analysis with exceptional communication skills that focus on business benefits and improving team contribution and value, I will unleash the passion within your organisation to break down the silos, enhance performance and release the underutilised talent through Leadership Coaching, change implementation, Leadership and Management Training to really make a difference.

Businesses need to have their people in the best frame of mind, giving of their best and willing to explore new ways of thinking and acting, now is the time for Leadership and Management Training that is targeted and specific.

Change has never been so rapid and continuous and enabling your organisations leaders to make the best possible decisions has never been so important, Leadership Coaching with its emphasis on personally accountable change objectives, flexibility and appropriateness is the key.

Leaders are within the organisation at all levels and through Leadership Coaching, Performance Coaching and Leadership and Management Training, their abilities are harnessed, confidence enhanced and collaborative effectiveness increased.
Call or email me to see how I can make a difference to your organisation and you.

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Telephone: 01793 882058
Mobile: 0793 334 4707
Email: peter@petermayes.co.uk

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