Working with yet more restructuring

Ever felt that your organisation has had one restructure too many?

I have been working with a number or organisations where this has
been said to me.

So many demands both internal and external, so many changes, so many doubts.

Here often lies the hidden issue.

The issue of uncertainty

For senior leaders in organisations its a balance of demonstrating a clear vision and realising that clarity is not always available to the organisation.

To re-energise the team are you really re-energised, perhaps some space for reflection is required, perhaps some putting everything in context is needed and perhaps the reality is that all of use leaders and followers alike are not totally sure about the future.

Thriving in ambiguity needs curiosity and resilience, care and commitment, acceptance and reality.

Asking and working with the unasked questions rather than avoiding where the people are concerned and fearful.

Real leadership not rhetoric

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