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Giving aspiring leaders in organisations the opportunity to lead is not always easy, time demands, the day job and many other factors sometimes get in the way.

Recently I was asked by an aspiring leader, Faisal Mooraby,  to help him start up a group that would be a focal point for community projects and provide leadership opportunities. He told me he is doing this as part of the JCI which at that time I must admit I did not know of.

JCI is a unique volunteer network for people in their 20s and 30s.  Run by its own members, the organisation exists in more than 100 countries.  Many of those who have ‘graduated’ from JCI have become great leaders, outstanding professionals and successful entrepreneurs.

Faisal then explained how it works and what he would like to set up in Swindon; what really impressed me what his sheer enthusiasm and drive to start this up from scratch –  always a very difficult thing to do.

Within  two months he had organized and carried out a taster evening. So on a very cold January evening 35 people came together to sample what JCI had to offer.

I was delighted to run a taster on leadership as part of the evening, posing some questions and getting them to look at their themselves as leaders.FCI launch 3The evening was a great success with many positive comments and contributions, so well done to Faisal and every success to JCI.

I also received some appreciation for the introduction to leadership so thanks to Graeme.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Peter’s presentation which he kindly tailored to dovetail in with that which you gave on JCI as part of its launch event.

His short presentation was packed with content, thought provoking quotes and key phrases. Peter presented in a distinctive, refreshing way that appeared to grab the audience’s attention from the off. It was impressive that so much could be delivered in so short a time and would certainly encourage anyone to want to hear more. It was however, Peter’s willingness and ability to create synergy with the objectives of the evening and to support you which has really stayed with me as an abiding memory.” When we get to future launches, Peter would be an excellent man to have along as this sort of presentation wonderfully showcases in a short time both what he and JCI can put on and would be an excellent taster to make more people want to take on his coaching and JCI membership. Regards Graeme Hobbs JCI Elder

FCI launch 1JCI website.

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