Do unto others …

It’s widely accepted that unhappy or unmotivated staff work at around 70% and spend time avoiding work.  However, those who are keen and feel that there is trust within the organisation will not only work at 100%, they will actively look for more work and suggest process improvements because they feel they will be taken seriously.

We’re all human beings driven by needs

So, what can you do to motivate your staff? Start by asking yourself what makes you happy because that will give you some insight into what makes your staff happy. Are they really so different from you? We are all human beings in a job / career driven by needs. These might be to survive, to learn new things, to be a part of something, to get ourselves on the next rung of the ladder, to get ourselves off the ladder, to get ourselves on a new ladder.

Everyone likes to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts and by reward I don’t mean money. A number of recent surveys have highlighted some simple things that show people are not taken for granted. Sometimes it comes down to a smile, thank you, an interesting project, a meal out, a book, some training, being included in a special task or being asked to be involved in something new. Now you may read this and say well that’s obvious it might well be but is it an everyday occurrence.

When running a whole series of training courses for senior managers where the administrator was very helpful and very interested in the content which was coaching skills for managers. So during the lunch time breaks she would appear and ask to take some notes and see what we had done, she would also do this at the end of the day. So I asked her what was her interest and what did she think about the programme, she said she wanted to be a great coach as a manager in the future and wanted to start her own education now.

When the final day came for the end of the whole programme came I sought her out to say thanks for all her help and gave her a gift of some coaching books I had brought with me, she was so delighted with them that you would have thought they were made of gold. A lesson in how to motivate someone, especially me.

Remember what gets asked for gets done, what gets demanded gets avoided.  What gets ignored gets reinforced and what gets noticed can be built upon.  So, do unto others …

Another date for the creative and intuitive:
Tuesday 10th MarchThe Artist & The Engineer: coaching using harmonised approaches.
See your inner Artisteer!

Integrate from the world of the arts and science.  Understand how these approaches converge and flow together.

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The Artist and The Engineer new event 10th March

“Some more moments that take your breath away”

Harmonising the Artist and Engineer in ourselves and our coaching”

Coaching Authentically In the 21st Century

Core philosophy
To discover fresh insights, approaches and scope of coaching, so that your practice
To boldly go where no one has gone before.”
Explore ways in which we identify with certain creative or process orientated approaches and how we then choose to either use or avoid them and how they can build our authentic coaching.

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