Time for Christmas leadership?

December 2014 newsletter

The 7 days of Christmas leadership or how to work with everyone in everyway?

Day 1 Be a better “yourself”
So you have to start with you well I guess you always knew that but were afraid to ask yourself, well how much me and how often.People talk about authenticity buts it’s the hardest trick with the game and the organisation moving so fast. So now you are a leader and that presupposes you have followers but they only follow when they get you. Speak with passion, heart and what drive you let the followers see what they are following. Be consistent clear and even if you have a difficult follower ask what they are teaching you
Day 2 Show what your purpose is?
So what drives you and what’s your mission not just the numbers or the role but what makes you do this work. The followers come to work and want to be inspired by a sense of doing something important, something that makes a difference, something that is a part of the bigger picture, something that makes a difference. How you want people to behave when achieving the organisations mission is essential for the followers to understand its not just the results that get results but the way you get them.
Day 3 History is history great to know but not the now
We only get the present we are looking for by driving towards our vision of the future unless we want to go away from a our present because it is so difficult. Painting a picture of success that followers can but into and sign up for creates an emotional contract with each person that no matter where we are now the future drive will spur us on.
Day 4 build and recognize everyone’s strengths
Everyone has a number of strengths that they have developed grown and honed by their experience and training. The trouble is organizations are sometimes obsessed with the gaps and the filling of them, with a focus on what you can’t or won’t do. Starting from a position of weakness is not a great way to inspire or motivate anyone. Remember that continuing to high light and focus on some small weakness with people who are high achievers or stars of the future is one sure way to loose them. Working from a position of strength positions the thinking and actions in a whole new way they sets the person up for success rather than failure.
Day 5 It’s good to talk and have a real conversation
It’s all very well measuring employee engagement and having talent management systems, processes and structure but it boils down to the quality of conversations. Feedback is often oversimplified and often underused way of having a start for great conversations, how about noticing something that someone does really well and say so wouldn’t it be great if we started catching people doing things rights. Giving feedback in a rush or when it only suites your agenda is a recipe for disaster, not noticing what else is going on for the other person at that moment means that good feedback is lost and improvement feedback ends up in a stored argument for later.
DAY 6 Listening to be heard
I have worked with a coaching supervisor for a number of years and one of her key phases is “Give someone a damn good listening to.” You have to listen beyond the words into the motives and agendas, into the context, into the performance and the mood, and you have to show you understand, even if you don’t agree. You have to listen for the intention and then get their attention.
Day 7 Watch out for the signals and the signal readers
Its amazing how followers notice the little things the slight, slights the moments of indiscretion that give our true feelings away the bit that says this is really what I mean but I haven’t told you yet. You not only have to be true to yourself but also true to others
So when you are contemplating and reflection on 2014 over some turkey and Christmas pud spare a thought for how you can be a leader who really has embraced the 7 days of Christmas leadership or will you still be in bah humbug land for another year
Thanks for reading my blog over the year and the kind comments I have received
Wishing you success for the New Year