Breakthrough in leadership the leadership stare?

August 2014 Newsletter

Remember that leadership starts with your own sense of what is fair, values and being seen to be of value

So when organisations start to pose the question what makes our people unhappy de-motivated or resistant it’s often because of what the organisation is not doing rather than what it is doing!

  • It’s not listening
  • It’s not considering
  • It’s not asking
  • It’s not genuine
  • It’s not open

What is it that makes your people unhappy?
So start by asking yourself what makes you happy because what makes you happy will make you realize what makes your people happy, are they really so different from us? We are all human beings in a job / career driven by needs; these might be to survive, to get past the day, to learn new things, to be a part of something, to get ourselves on the next step of the ladder, to get ourselves off the ladder to get ourselves a new ladder.

So what makes your people happy is,

  1. being listened to and heard
  2. being a part of something
  3. having some free scope for acting
  4. looking at our life as a whole
  5. having a sense of direction
  6. having a sense of ease
  7. knowing that they are appreciated
  8. getting recognition, thank you and thoughtful

So what makes your people unhappy?

  • being ignored
  • feeling isolated
  • being micro managed
  • treated without worth
  • keeping everything and everyone in boxes
  • feeling lost
  • having no confidence
  • not knowing what we are good at
  • being ignored (again)

So referring back to some previous Newsletters about the qualities of a leader, leadership is about being able to stop and stare where STARE is about:
Sharing your thoughts hopes and concerns
Trust yourself and your people
Action keep doing
Reflection keep thinking
Enterprise keep being creative and encourage innovation

To emphasis the value of a human authentic and appreciative leader
See clearly
Hear correctly
Think clearly
Inquire critically
Show respect
Maintain calm
Consider consequences
Create desirable outcomes
Do what is right
Give credit and step aside

I hope this newsletter has sparked some reaction and provoked some thoughts about your own leadership style. For those who want to be provoked further and am very happy to help you along the way