Thinking differently and acting differently

Martin Seligman the author of Flourish “a visionary new understanding of happiness and well being” has concluded that there are five primary sources of happiness and well being.

  1. Positive emotion and pleasure: think about times when you’ve had fun, laughed, or enjoyed a good meal, been moved by music or a film, or indulged yourself.
  2. Engagement: how much have you felt challenged or working on the edge?
  3. Relationships: how much emotional intimacy, mutual understanding and connection have you experienced this month?
  4. Meaning: how much have you felt that what you do has value; that it adds to the world in some way?
  5. Accomplishment: times this month you’ve achieved something and whether you’ve been satisfied with your income.

 “You are only a thought away from thinking differently”  a phrase that really stayed with me after a very enlightening series of workshops with Nick Kemp and his provocative change work (PCW) approach. If coaching is to flourish then the more coaches that are exposed to this way of working the better as it creates a fluid and creative approach that gets beyond the posturing and role playing and really focuses on the work