Keeping the Talent and engaging the Talented!

February 2014 newsletter

I recently found a great article by the chartered management institute giving guidance to employers on Talent Management. The advice is well researched and incredibly valuable for employers who want to ensure the brightest and the best stay engaged and stay put.

To quote the CMI (Chartered Management Institute),

“Talent management is primarily geared to creating a people and organisational management capability within middle and senior management. It is considered to be a key priority for senior management. Talent management is concerned not just with the recruitment process but encompasses the areas of performance management, management development, succession planning and organisation capability.”

As a process its about the organization making the system a part of what it normally does, there’s no point having a Rolls Royce system if you are in fact a Mini.

Your Talent Management System

The main problem I have with the way of looking at the organization’s prime resource is the language of process and system. All the above items are true but does it leap off the page and inspire people to be one of the talent system, and anyway what type of choice are they given to be a part of it or not?

So many acronyms are being used that I can hear a huge organizational sigh from most directors and senior managers, which translates as ‘not another set of forms’, more measuring, more box ticking and still the person leaves for the next great opportunity.

So, to translate what you need for a talent management system, you need engaged, motivated managers who see the growth and development of their stars as a key part of their role and are given time and opportunity to do so.

Collaborative behaviours are seen as the way to get on within the organization and so are rewarded.

Skills of coaching and mentoring are taught, mastered and updated so that asking probing and supportive questions becomes the norm and not just part of the difficult conversations labeling and therefore completely avoided. Where learning is really valued. Did I just mention learning!

Talent And The Human Approach

I recently attended some very earnest, next great new thing in coaching with its own set of new language and specialness. I came away quite disappointed, gaining yet more dressing with no salad and yet more spin rather than substance. After leaving, talking to a colleague we mused ‘when was learning not enough?’ Have some basic but fundamental principles been lost along the way here?

To return to the talent management pipeline (yuk) for a moment, being the best requires a tenacity about learning and review, a curiosity about how people interact and a deep understanding of what makes people tick. Talent management, yes it needs to be well thought out, appropriate to the business, manageable, purposeful and built into the fabric of the organization and above all else HUMAN.

The talented, now that’s a different question. Where are they? Who are they? How are they?

Do organizations really know all the talents of its people? I guess sometimes its like the Star Trek movie, The Undiscovered Country, difficult to navigate, mostly lost and hidden with a not very good ending.

Revisiting the theme of a previous newsletter, take some time to stop and stare, where STARE is:

Time to take yet another look, so call me to see how I can help you connect to your talented hidden people.