Lonely Leaders

resourcesLonely leaders don’t always start off that way they start by being engaged and involved go through a sense of overwhelming fear self doubt and searching for what’s outside them eventually realizing what the journey starts from the inside out. What we all have is the resources even when the idea that we have them it difficult for us to grasp.
So if you want to be be elated not I so isolated come along to the next lonely leaders action workshop.

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It’s interesting how conversations can lead to a new train of thought

March newsletter
Sometimes when life or work is hard and everything seems to be working in a way that is the opposite from what you have intended. It’s worthwhile to pause, take a step back and reflect on what is causing the type of reaction. Having just come out of a very busy period of working with intense workshops, profiling and individual coaching taking place which resulted in happy motivated and engaged clients I found myself feeling drained flat and tried. It was then that I decided to put aside my work schedule and take an afternoon where I shared a coffee and some conversation with another highly experienced coach. And after the usual pleasantries and catching up I expressed how I was feeling. The other coach nodded sagely and said what is it that you would really like to do now, well recover I said, so what’s stopping you she said, me I admitted.

Upon some further reflection I realised that this common form of excess is what happens to all employees, leaders, owners and staff alike. Time for mental recuperation is important in today’s busy world not just to rest but to process and order what is going on inside us and around us.

The time was right for some creativity and innovation to filter through and allow for some realisation.

I then decided to restore myself by picking up a half read book by Leandro Herrero called “Homo Imitans”. The author writes very clearly about managing sustainable change through the art of social infection. The book caught my imagination from the second page, where he lists his calls to action:
1. The only change is behavioural change
2. Behaviours don’t like classrooms
3. Organisational change and macro-social change are large scale.

He uses a language that talks about infections, the beauty of two brains, an appetite to be curious and from his previous works on viral change he defines the five disciplines of viral change as:
1. Obsessive focus on behaviours where some over complex competency frameworks are copied word for word into organisations where they do not fit
2. Choosing influence that can scale up, so that it builds social infection
3. Taking care of informal social networks so they can be mastered, nurtured and given life
4. Creating stories that are memorable compared to the average life cycle of a bullet point (I wish I had thought of that phrase)
5. Backstage leadership, it’s when you have peer to peer conversations, engagement and joint actions going across the organisation (so everyone at all levels is a leaders and collectively leads)
This provides a comprehensive, thoughtful and well researched template for organisational change and how people’s behaviour in organisations is changing and reminds me a lot of the series of books by Gerard Egan.

So from lethargy into curiosity, a conversation followed by some reflective reading has re-energised me for the next series of work with complex organisations and even more complex people.

What is a Lonely Leader’s Action Workshop?

I guess when I started to formulate my ideas about Lonely Leaders it was sparked by a lot of other events I had been too
Some were great places to socialise
Some where great places to network
Some were just there for the food

Individual and small businesses looking to feel less alone, huddled together looking for some affinity In addition to this great energy when the groups finally got to know each other this was often five minutes before the meeting close

So I wondered what it might be like to try out an action workshop that looked at the person as well as the business, because in small businesses. What began to emerge in my thinking is that often all leaders are alone individual, small, medium and massive organisations with someone at the top who can sometimes become isolated

By getting leaders together and focusing on their needs in a safe environment which grows over time seemed to be a way of supporting and encouraging leaders a bit differently than many of the event I had been to.

Many small businesses struggle when they depend on the skills of the leader, yet often the leader has no opportunity for personal or business development.

The Lonely Leader’s Action Workshop is designed to let you experience the collaboration and ideas generation you would get if you still worked in a large organisation.

Being a leader in a business of one, or leading a small business, is not easy, especially when times are tough. You can feel isolated and unsupported.

You are not the only one!

Sometimes it’s good to chat, to listen, to think
Sometimes it’s good to slow down and reflect
Sometimes it’s good to see how others can help you be more yourself
Sometimes you miss the social and team part of corporate life

Recapture the enjoyment of running a business
Rediscover the passion for what you do
Find out about what drives and motivates you
Work on yourself to create a better business

The only thing stopping you is you.

Join me and some of my trusted circle to enjoy a flexible and focused business improvement experience.

During this half day introductory action workshop you will bust a few myths, see how to become more resilient, learn some practical time management tips and clear your head.

Tuesday 26 March 2013 – 10.00am to 12.30pm
Basepoint Swindon, Rivermead Drive, Westlea, Swindon SN5 1EX
Booking link – 26 Mar: http://lonelyleaders-march-eorgf.eventbrite.co.uk/#