How to be an even greater coach?

Top ten tips when coaching

Coaching is a two way process where individuals develop skills and achieve defined competencies through questioning, thinking, reflecting, guided practical experience and regular feedback or to put it another way a dance between the explorer (the person being coached) and the guide (the coach)

1.Building rapport, settle into the conversation don’t rush be at ease and attention with your self and them

2.Working from the other persons agenda step into their shoes

3.Creating trust, be a listener with full concentration on the speaker take time to understand the other persons view point

4.Being objective suspend judgement be curious

5.Focusing on opportunities, look for ways in which the person can learn or explore their thinking

6.Be candid trust in your intuition, if it feels wrong it probably is

7.Be challenging as the question that is difficult to ask

8.Giving encouragement be attentive and interested

9.Offering support about what to do next

10.Context, be aware of the persons situation and what else might have an influence on them

Leadership coaching does it really work?

I guess that depends on the coach, the leader and the desire of both parties to learn. when working with executives on leadership coaching or executive coaching issues I first seek to establish is the leaders willingness to learn, ponder, adapt and change.Without these the coaching process is sterile and not authentic.

Being a leader in an organisation is not easy it comes with baggage, it comes with limitations and it comes with expectations.

Coaching at it’s best is a series of conversations that provide real insight and learning.The experience of the leader is challenged and questioned with an explorers sense of curiosity and seeking to understand rather than judge or direct.

One phase that has always stuck with me is “Change is certain, progress is not” and i suppose being in a coaching relationship with someone is a bit like that. In that the progress often takes time to catch up with the change.

So when Leadership coaching recognise the leaders dilemmas and create a space where thinking can thrive and grow. Be a coach that is keen to progress the conversation without direction but with agreed purpose.

Yes Leadership coaching really does work, it has the unique opportunity to change and progress at the same time.