How to move people and organisations?

Ten top tips when introducing change

 Any change can be tricky from major organisational shifts into new markets or survival of the company to the trickiest of the all the office move and who its where next to a window or not

1. Ensure those affected are involved in the process of the change

2. Ask them for their feelings, opinions and suggestions and listen

3. Tell them the reasons and advantages of the change in small chunks, so that it is understandable

4. Give honest communication and feedback to create an atmosphere of trust and confidence

5. Respect them for their feelings even though they may oppose the change

6. Asked what assistance is needed to facilitate the effects of a change on the job

7. Keep an eye on those people who withdraw and are quiet

8. Reinforce the advantages and give people a vision of the future

9. Value and recognise what has been done before and what will remain the same

10. Keep doing the previous 9 tips! (change is a cycle)