What to do when in a team? Are we all on the right track?

1. When a team is set up it needs to examine how it will function in the years ahead so taking a strategic overview of where you are and where you want to end up is essential

2. Where are we now? What’s the current state of play, what works what doesn’t what are our strengths, weaknesses opportunities and what / who competes with us?

3. Where are we going? What’s our direction? Our objectives, action plans and performance measures? What external analysis do we undertake?

4. How will we get there? What type of job descriptions,  role clarification,  authority and accountability do we need to succeed

5. What is expected of us? Performance review – output auditing:  do we achieve what we set out to achieve– process auditing: do we follow the steps we said we would?-

6. What support do we get? Ensuring our skills are right and up to date, training & development, coaching and mentoring

7. How effective are we? Did we meet our objectives, how well do we work together?

8. What recognition do we get? Do we appreciate each others contribution and how do we show this? What are our chances of promotion?

9. Who are we? Both as a team and people. Including self understanding, team understanding  and our values

10. What can we do to help other teams in the organisation, networking, sharing best practice