Top ten tips for trust in your team

Top ten tips in creating trust in your team

 Generating trust is the single most important activity for a leader/manager to do with her/his team. It is the basis of all other activities, it saves time creates unity and short circuits division and suspicion. In our need to work ever quicker and ever more productively trust delivers

1. Encourage your staff to voice their opinions and thoughts

2. Enable them to participate, share their ideas and contribute

3. When reaching consensus give time to overcome obstacles or you will only comeback to them later

4. Promote initiative, dedication and openness from everyone you included

5. Reward creativity even if at first it seems like a mad idea

6. Notice and acknowledge accomplishment and when someone achieves something that is out of the ordinary for them

7. Recognize that learning takes place every day and encourage everyone to share what they have learned this week or month

8. Promote everyone to share what they appreciate about other team members lead this by doing it yourself

9. Start with trusting yourself

10.Finish with trusting the team and the organisation